Book Review: 299 Days


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What can I say about the 299 Days book series wrote by Glenn Tate? It gives a great and interesting look to what I would call a soft collapse.

A soft collapse is a when only parts of a society crumble, not the whole. It is this reason why I feel it would be easier for something like 299 Days to actually happen then a full collapse.

The first story, The Preparation, starts with a interesting look at Grant’s(main character) life. I will not give spoliation sense it was that good, in my opinion.

The middle of the story is when it really gets good. Grant at this time period has become a lawyer for a local government in Washington State. He has left his roots and has become a suburban slug. He feels that his life is perfect just the way it is. Some time later, Grant gets information that re-awakens him.

He starts listening to preparedness podcasts, buying food, water, and even a gun. Since he has not done things like this in a long time, Grant feels like it is socially awkward to do things like this.

Later on, Grant joins a shooting team where he improves his shooting skills. latter on; he learns that his shooting friends don’t mind that he is a prepper. They learn to trust each other and gain skills that would help them during a emergency.

At the end of book 1, the collapse is starting. Social government starts to fall. People start to become aware of events. People even start to riot which pushes the governments to react.

The rest of the series gives you at different looks at the collapse.  Book two is set at the beginning. Book four is in the middle. Book six is at the beginning of the rebuilding.

I have only ready up to book six so far and I have loved every second of it. I can not wait until I can get my hands on the last four books in the series.

Realism 9/10

Plot 9/10

Survival Information 7/10

Readability 8/10

Repeatability 7/10

Would I share with friends and family? ( Yes)

Final Score 8/10

299 Days did not pull any punches and had a great overall plot with survival information mixed in. These factors pretty much forced me to give this great series a high score.

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Realistic Technology in Fiction.

Red Tech Sci Fi | Fan Art

Many Science-Fiction authors, such as myself, love to spend a lot of time doing research on futuristic technology. I personally love doing it, for many reasons besides writing.

I have seen unrealistic technology recently in fiction and it is a little bothersome. I saw a Science-Fiction story on Wattpad, my favorite writing site, that had a girl with a half real-life, half Internet body. I am not sure how possible for that to happen. You don’t get shocked by a computer and get half your body converted to the Internet every day.

Let’s look at a more realistic look at future technology. In chapter 17 of my book, Wiped ( A Broken City Novel), we have a enemy with a piece of armor called shadow armor. Shadow armor is a cloaking armor system that gives you basic defensive capabilities, but makes you practically invisible to the mortal eye.

Now, is this realistic technology? Hell yes it is! America, China, and Russia have systems like this already being made and have prototypes already created that use heat to bend light around an object and distort it just like a mirage does. Modern versions can only turn things completely invisible while underwater, but scientists hope to have, out of water fully capable versions as soon as possible. As you may have already guessed this device is very easily spotted by infrared imaging. They also already have lasers that are used to take out missiles by heating up the fuel tank of a missile and therefor igniting the fuel within. There are models with ground, air, and naval capabilities.

There are also mechanized suits, the suits are called exo-skeletons and the heaviest model is the exos-2 with which the user can lift twice his body weight, carry heavy supplies, punch down brick walls, juggle a soccer ball, and many other abilities that require strength or agility, but the best part is that the exos transfers its own weight into the ground so that the user doesn’t feel a thing. The lighter model is attached to the legs and back and is able to carry the backpack for the user as well as many other objects, and just like the exos 2 it transfers its weight into the ground.  It’s not hard to think that we will have full body armor versions of the exos.

Another popular science fiction theme is force fields which we have today. The modern system uses a magnet coupled with an electro ray, which is called an electro-magnetic force field. A rod stands upon the object that you are trying to protect and lets out electrons which positively charge anything it hits, then the strong positive magnet deflects the object, in the same way that 2 positive magnets would if you were to try and push them together but in a much stronger way. Perhaps the most useful part of the electro-magnetic force field is that it can deflect any material, from metal to foam, it doesn’t matter the electrons will turn it into a positively charged magnet.  The most exciting part is that this is already being used by the U.S. military on the front lines. One video shows it being used on a hummer which deflects an RPG into the ground.

Just think of realism while writing Science Fiction, it helps to keep the readers happy.

Partially by Murderrsqurus, thanks brother, it helped a lot.

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Writer’s Gift Guide

Christmas is around the corner people and some of you might not have bought gifts yet for yourself, friends or family. Here is a quick list of gifts for writers or soon-to-be writers.

1- Microsoft Word.

Sure it’s expensive, but every modern  writer needs a writing program now days and I personally love how it is set up for writing books.


2-Writing Fiction for Dummies.

I have been a hobby writer for awhile now and this book has come in handy many times. The best price online I could find is (

3-English Grammar for Dummies.

Okay, we all think that because we are writers, we have a greater knowledge of English Grammar. If you are a professional writer this may be the case, but for newbies and basement warriors, it could be different. Even if you have a great knowledge of grammar, it’s good to review it every now and then.


Let me say right now that I have not bought from this sight before, but I came across them during my searching of the gifts this year. They may have something you like there so I decided to post the site on the list.


It’s a old cliche for sure, but if you don’t have one yet, it’s a good resource for both new and professional writers.

6-Gift card to a supply store.

Do I really need to enplane this?


I do not know about you, but I listen to a massive amount of music while writing. I will do a post about this in a latter date.


Ink, one of the most expensive parts of our writing next to editing and professional cover making. This would make a great gift for a writer, just learn which printer they use before hand.

I hope you find the list useful. I did this in one setting so I am sure I did not get everything that could be placed in the list.

Check out fellow writer and blogger, WolfMarionette. She does a great job with her work. Check out her blog and her Wattpad account. Here is some of her blog work.

The Plot: The body of your fictional story.

So you want to write a story? You have this great book idea and think that you want to run with it. You sit at your computer and start typing in your writing program. What is the problem? You did not think of the finer parts of your story; this means your great idea is flawed in a lot of ways.

I personally do what I call a free-hand writing style. It means that I have a plot set in place: characters, background, ETC. It sounds like your typical plot selection; the main difference is that it’s not as strict as classic styles and lets you change the plot some ways at the tip of a hat. This lets you bring the story to life, and lets it move freely. The only real limitations are that you have to keep your ideas in order so that the story is not miss-matched with different plot limes .

How do I keep my plot in order? It is a easy thing to handle, but can have its changes. I personally write detailed notes every five chapters. If I want to change something that I think would be cool, I have to check my notes. This keeps me from killing my stories or the plot of that story.

One more thing I will like to address; it has to do with plot systems and how it effects your writing. I personally have had the plot get stuck for me in a single chapter five times!

The problem is that one character would want to do something while another wanted to do something else in the last chapter. I had to go back three chapters to clear up the mess. In the end, the guy died and the girl killed him in a bloody way.

If you have questions, I could help you out. Just asks the questions and I’ll help out where I can.

Malakeyegod is signing off, bye.

An Authors Guide to Weapons(Firearms)


I have seen many writers ether mistake weapons or do not understand how they work. This list is a easy to read and is generalized to the extreme. I made this so that the averaged person who has no weapons experience can use easily. This is the firearms list, I will do a hand-to-hand and close-ranged weapons list soon.

Warning, this is not a complete list, just a general list with basic information. Do your own research for more information then is here.

Firearm types:


Semi-auto pistol-A short barreled stamped machine that shot a round per trigger pull. Normally has a removable magazine. Normally has a safety.

Revolver-A small barreled stamped machine that has a revolving cylinder that is filled with bullets. The cylinder moves around when a bullet is fired to be ready to fire again. Normally has six round in the cylinder. Dose not have a safety.

Common handguns;

Glock- A semi-auto handgun that is very popular with both law enforcement and civilians. Dose not have a external safety Different models fire different bullets.

Smith ans Wesson- Smith ans Wesson produces revolvers and semi-autos. Most of their semi-autos have safeties. Bullets can be fired by different models.

Hi Point- a semi-auto hand gun. Has a safety. Bullets can be fired from different models.


Semi-auto- It works the same way as its handgun counterpart .

Pump action-A shotgun that uses a external pump to place a shotgun shell into position so it can be fired.

Common shotguns:

Remington 870-A common pump action shotgun. Used by civilians and law enforcement.

Benelli M2- A world famous internal magazined semi-auto shotgun used by military and civilians.


Semi-auto- It works the same as its hand-gun and shotgun counterparts.

Full-auto-It fires as long as you pull the trigger. Only police, military and criminals can get newer ones. In America, new ones have been outlawed for awhile.

Bolt-action-You pull a external bolt to pull a round into position. Very popular with civilians, military and police for their accuracy.

Common rifles:

Remington 700-A very popular rifle. Uses different round.

AK-47-Can be found on the market in America in its semi-auto form. Full-autos can be found in war or with street gangs.

AR-15/M4-The AR-15 is the sporting version of the military’s M4. The AR-15 is semi-auto while the M4 is full-auto. Uses the .223/5.56 round.

I did this list with my own knowledge, if you have something to add, just comment and I could add any changes to the list. I hope this list helps you with your writing. Keep your eyes open for my close-ranged weapons and hand-to-hand lists.

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Say No To Cliche Stories.


We all read the over used plot lines. We hate them and they still keep coming. I feel that the reason for this is because most writers do not want expand their plot past where they are comfortable with. I have seen this a lot, especially on the writing and reading site, Wattpad. I did a experiment on the site, I wrote a completely cliche story and a non-cliche story and put them on the site, guess which one got the most reads? You got it right, the cliche story had ten times the amount of reads and user activity then the non-cliche story.

Why exactly do people like to read the same plot over and over again? I am not a Sociologist but I can tell you want I think.about this. I feel that we are losing creativity for a long time. In America, we hardly produce anything, we do not pass down skills and most of our schools do not have art, vehicle repair or even wood shop anymore. I feel that this part of our loss of creativity as a society. Another part maybe that we as a society are not pushed to do mush as a whole. I am sure a person with a social degree and has twenty years of experience could say different but this is my opinion.


So what can we do to fight the cliche? We could stop reading Harry Potter and Twilight rip-offs for one thing. Another is to write a non-cliche story to counter the cliche. We could also tell our friends about it and use social media to spread the word. Other then that, I can not think of a way to handle this.

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